Video and Film Transfers

Perspective Productions – the personal and professional service

Transfer your valuable films, videotapes and transparencies into accessible digital formats


Each client is likely to have different requirements so please call us to discuss yours. 

020 8892 3064

Videotape Transfers

VHS, Hi-8, Video 8, DV, HDV, Beta or U-Matic

Transfer tapes onto digital computer video files, memory cards or DVD

£25 per tape up to 60 mins then £10 per additional hour of part thereof

8mm and 16 mm Cine Film Transfers to Digital Format

These copies are automatically in High Definition.

Reel length 50ft - 100ft   £25  and each additional 100ft (or part thereof) £20

Photo and Slide Transfer to Digital Format

£2.50 each for the first 10 (Min charge £25) then £1 each


Transfer to your hard drive is free.

Transfer to DVD. (Max 2 hrs per DVD – typically 1 tape or film per DVD)  

£20 per DVD

Additional Services

Perspective Productions has a range of specialist equipment if you would like results enhanced even further such as upscaling your videos to high definition. 

There are different levels on offer which are in addition to the Basic Transfer cost.

Silver Service

Obvious faults edited out, simple colour/exposure balance of sequences. 

Simple title front and end if required.

 £10 per each 10 minutes

Gold Service

includes the Silver Service

Excessive grain in picture is digitally removed as far as possible, dirt and dust removed, picture sharpened.  Very popular indeed and successful with copies from 8mm films.

 £20 per each 10 minutes

Platinum Service

Includes Silver and Gold Service

This adds shot by shot colour correction for stunning results.

 £40 per each 10 minutes

Relatively Speaking

Your parent’s or grandparent’s lifetime memories will be captured onto digital media and treasured for the future.  No earlier generation has been able to have “live” memories of their family history.

We also offer Webcasting, Video Editing and Event coverage.

So please call us on 020 8892 3064